Thursday, 31 July 2014

Unpop with guest DJ Withered Hand

Unpop are very excited to be back at the Wee Red Bar on August 15th! Yes it's the festival, yes there will be many confused people at our club who wander in by accident, mistaking us for fringe venue 286 and our super blend of indiepop, indiepop and more indiepop for an experimental interpretative dance installation. Or something.

However, there will still be free mixtapes, free badges, free sweets and possibly even cake. There will still be dancing and we will still endeavour to play all the ace indiepop songs you care to request.

We are even more thrilled to announce our superstar guest DJ for the night, Withered Hand! Our very favourite local purveyor of songs about self abuse on futons, Dan is taking a night off from international indie stardom to come and spin some discs for us at the Wee Red.

Some of us have been listening to New Gods on repeat play quite a lot this year and as such we can't quite fully express how excited we are about this. We're not sure quite what to expect, except that it's likely to be brilliant. So whether you're a familiar face at unpop or a visitor up in town on your jollies, we do hope you'll come and cut a rug with us.

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