Monday, 16 January 2012

Unpop! Indiepop Dance Party # 8!

Unpop is back!

Friday 24th February 2012
The Wee Red Bar
£4, Free mixtapes, badges and cake for early arrivals.
11pm to 3am

It's been too long, folks. After having a super awesome time bringing Unpop to Indietracks in Derbyshire in July, we had to take a wee break for other somewhat less awesome commitments. However, 2012 sees the return of Unpop to our beloved home town. Since July, Team Unpop have been busy thesis-writing, putting on various gigs, pushing real ale, home-brewing, watching documentaries about pop bands and even saving people's lives (no shit!). But finally, our slumbering indie pop appetites will be sated by playing jangly tunes until the early, bleary hours of Saturday morning...

Being long enough after the 14th to not really count, let's call it a Pseudo-Valentine's hop, dedicated to both pandas (because they're around these days, adorning our posters and whatnot) and groundhogs (cos it's in February).

C86, modern twee, jangle pop and generally heavenly pop hits will be busted out, alongside many other melodic classics.

Wear your heart on sleeve, dress up for a dance and shimmy along with us for the night. As always, cakes, goodies and Unpop's 9th mixtape are there for early-comers, and all for the very reasonable price of £4! The fey will rise again!

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