Saturday, 9 April 2011

Tapes and tapes and tapes and tapes and...

Hello all,

As you know, Unpop puts out a mixtape for each one of its nights, painstakingly "mixed" and with its tracklisting neurotically jumbled about. We've always loved this often unloved format (didn't Jack White give out about cassettes in an interview a few years back? anyhow, Meg's way cooler..), probably because of our formative music purchases being on tape and because we can still remember meticulously making mixtapes that you knew would help the morning walk to school as an angstified teenager far more bearable (this is not to mention the legendary nature of C81* and C86). We're pretty much always psyched to see new tapes being released, and I was really happy to pick up a new tape only compilation by Fierce Panda records called TAPE FEAR in the course of a brief visit to London town earlier this week. It contains some Unpop favourites like the Dum Dum Girls and Tennis and is basically a collection of new/newish American (mainly) lo fi indiepop and indierock with lots of awesome bands that I'd never heard before (Savoir Adore and Weekends to name but two). It's really poppy and fuzzy and suits the tape format down to the ground - get yrself a copy if you can (available from, but it's a limited edition-er so be quick or be dead, friends!)

In tape making solidarity(é),
Unpop x

* Gotta give props to this - it has Scritti Politti AND Pere Ubu on it, ffs!

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