Tuesday, 18 January 2011

The 6th Unpop

Mixtapes, badges, cake and more for the first 50 people!

Guest DJ, Paul Richards from Scared to Dance

After a snowed in winter, punctuated by the brilliance of Bowlie II in December and many seasonal whiskies, Unpop is back to ring in the new year with our customary batch of twee and general heavenly indie pop hits. Our last outing was during the inaugural Edinburgh Popfest and it's safe to say we had an awesome time dj-ing on its opening night. Now we hit the Wee Red for a February 11th pop bonanza.

Influenced by the impending arrival of Valentine's Day, we'll be spinning lots of pro/anti love songs, from the Magnetic Fields and The Smiths, to Hefner and Tallulah Gosh.

Paul from London's Scared to Dance will be a very special guest, playing his own idiosyncratic selection of indiepop, new wave and post-punk. His night and fanzine have been a beacon of light in the London scene for quite a while, and we're really excited to have him here for Unpop.

Wear your heart on sleeve, dress up for a dance and shimmy along with us for the night. Cakes, goodies and Unpop's 6th mixtape await you, all for the very reasonable price of £4!

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